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The Russian invasion of Ukraine is indefensible. Even if you want to give Putin the benefit of a doubt. His consistent, proven, prolonged lies and brutal actions have made his case ludicrous. What is happening right now is a clear step in directly threatening all independent democratic nations in Europe. Including my own peaceful Sweden.
It is incredibly naïve to think that Putin will stop here. History repeats itself. And nobody is more adamant about arguing vain historical revenge then Putin.
To Putin Ukraine is only a buffer against democracy that he can bully around and abuse. He has no care for the Ukrainian people, other then having them under his boot. Putin's Russia is a dictatorial empire that exists only to feed, not even the heartland, not even Moscow, but the aging oligarchy. At the expense of everyone else.

uacrisis.org is a legitimate support organisation for international help to Ukraine against Russian aggression that was started when Russia illegally annexed Crimea. They offer practical advice as to what you can do to support their defensive efforts:
You can help Ukraine against Russian aggression.
The red cross is the largest humanitarian aid organisation in the world. Who is on the ground helping ordinary citizens who have been caught in the middle of a destructive warzone:
UKRAINE CRISIS | International Committee of the Red Cross.


A complete collection of my bondage photo-manipulations (or fakes) and artwork colorings. Under "Menu" -> "Tags" you can sort out all Adult or "Clean" DiD images.


On occasion, I stream on Picarto as I work on bondage fakes, colorings or other random bitz and boobz. You´re welcome to stop by and say WTF (Where´s The Fudge?)


This is where I post original works of fiction and bad poetry mostly, as well as some colorings and other odds and ends.

United Bondage Fakers

This is the original place for fakes of celebrity gals all tied up.
I am also one of the admins there, so feel free to ask me if you have any questions about the UBF forum.

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